2014 Yamaha SR400, the Return of a Legend

Yamaha SR400 Kickstart My life

Used parts SR-400/500

##Used Parts Yamaha SR400/500 For Sale##
Please contact : Sr500@live.com

Beringer 6pot, Brembe master cylinder and Sunstart disk. Sold

Ducati swing arm for SR

FCR 39 Sold

Earl's oil cooler Sold

TMR40 Yoshimura Sold

 Y's gear carrier type2 Sold

Stinky tank type5  , Stinky seat type1  and bullet headlight.Sold

Wheel set for SR500 Front and Rear Wheel Disk brake. With out tire. Sold

Cafe racer Aluminium tank fit for SR400/500  Sold

Crank shaft SR500  increase stroke 4mm (from original 84mm to 88mm) Sold

Carbon slip-on muffler Nojima Japan for SR400/500 No crack or dents. Sold

 WP Steering Damper No rust, No Oil Leak , Sold

SR500/XT500/TT500 Crankshaft, Screw good condition, no bearing slide. Sold

Back Step Techno Work rear disk type. Sold

Triumph T140 Cafe Racer Aluminium Tank

Yamaha RD400 Hub Front and Rear with Disc Brake, its rare Sold

Rear Disc Brake fit for SR500 Us type Booking

K&H custom seat almost beautiful.  Sold

SR file no.1-5 used magazine Sold

Generator  model 2H6/2J2 Sold

Active Oil cooler For SR400/500 beautiful,size 4.5x10 Sold

EXCEL wheel XT660 red logo Front17-3.5 and Rear 17-4.25 with hubSold

Front fork invert Yamaha YZF-750 with WP Spring Sold

Head light stay KEINZ 43pie Sold

Swing Arm FZR400 for installing to SR Custom Sold

CIBIE Headlight 180mm Sold

DAYTONA Big Bore with 91mm piston, 500cc up to 543cc Sold

Unused New good for OEM rear fender. Sold

Sunstar front disk  Sold

Daytona low handlebar, it's stanless steel. Sold

Generator  model 1JR  Sold

CIBIE Head light 150mm Sold

Stinky type 1 aluminium tank  Sold

AAA  Muffler full sytem Sold out

WR400 Rear Wheel EXCEL 17-3.50 with Hub. Sold

Super Trapp muffler Sold

CIBIE Headlight 220mm Sold

AAA Muffler Full system Sold Out

CIBIE Headlight 7" Sold out

Genuine front brake sets R/L Sold out

EXCEL rim sets F17/3.00, R17/4.00 Sold out

OVER Muffler Stainless Aluminium Complete Sold Out

CIBIE Head light 5.5"  Sold Out

OVER Muffer Titanium full sysem price Sold Out

AAA Muffler Full system Sold Out