2014 Yamaha SR400, the Return of a Legend

Yamaha SR400 Kickstart My life

Bikes for sale

Contact : SR500@live.com

 Honda TLR250Sold

SRX400-3VN, Twin muffler Quasar, black step corce, Wp streering damper,Oil Earl's, Sold

SRX600-1JK, WP rear shock, CR twin carb,Super Trapp, Brembo front caliper.Sold

SR400 custom , WP rear shock, FCR , Karin gernerator, Excel Rim, Daytona seat, Fender sets AA

W650 Cafe racer with FCR37 twin Sold

SR500 Custom, Mileage 3,XXX km. Sold

SR400 little Custom, Sold

SR400 Vitage Recing Sold

Yamaha SR400 model 1998 Cafe Recer Sold

Yamaha SR 400 Year 1995  Sold

Yamaha SR 525cc  ปี1995  Sold
      - Yoshimura-ST-2 , Piston 89mm
      -  CR Carburector
      -  Tank, Sides cover model 2002
      -  Rear Suspension OHLINS Sweden
      -  Peytonplace muffler

Yamaha SR400 Y1999   Sold



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