2014 Yamaha SR400, the Return of a Legend

Yamaha SR400 Kickstart My life

Used parts SRX-400/600

 ## Used parts Yamaha SRX-400/600 for sale ##
Please Contract : sr500@live.com

Beringer 6pot, Brembe master cylinder and Sunstart disk. Sold

Back Step POSH SRX-3SX/3VN   Sold

Oil cooler and oil box SRX-3SX/3VN

Under cowl SRX THE SIMPLE Sold

Seat cover The-Simple SRX-3SX/3VN Sold

FCR39 almost beauty Sold

Cylinder Head SRX600-3SX (stamp 2NX) with cover and Yoshimura ST-1 Sold

 Yoshimura high camshaft ST-1 Sold

CR33 Dual with K&N Filter almost beauty. Booking

SRX-3VN/3SX faring set Sold

SRX600/XT600 Crankshaft, Sold

SRX-Mono OVER Muffler Titanium pipe, have crack and dent . Sold

Exhaust pipe OVER SRX-Twin

OVER Titanium Muffer for SRX-Mono almost beautiful  Sold

SRX400/600 Twin Earl's Oil cooler Sold

SRX600-3SX original tank. Inner no rust Sold

Earl's oil cooler 4.5x10 for SRX400-3VN /SRX600 -3SX Sold

Taillight set fiber cafla for SRX400/600 3VN Sold

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