2014 Yamaha SR400, the Return of a Legend

Yamaha SR400 Kickstart My life

Thursday, January 31, 2013

New commer

Its new commer to Thailand.  
Yamaha SR400 custom racing. Made by AAA japan

 Including rear disk brake , WP ,FCR and Karin and etc.

 SRX400-3VN custom racing. Made : unknow.

   Including Quasar muffler, Earl's , WP  and  etc.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sport1000 Fuel Tank and SRX-OVER

 I just recieved parts. Sport 1000 black tank good condition. Have small scratch. I will re-paint it to Red(Sport1000s)

Over muffler Titanium full system. It has some dent and little scratch. So, I need to repair it. Maybe change aluminium silenser to carbon silencer.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

New OEM parts from Japan

I  received some new OEM parts from Yamaha Japan.  
  -Valve stem seal 1 set
  -The main key
I keep its for spare parts.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

SRX - File 001

 SRX-600 medel 3SX seft starter. This model rare in Thailand. I will update more detail later.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Repair FCR39-SRX

  I got FCR39 fit for Yamaha SRX from my friend. But he broke a carb case. So, I need to check it.

Take a coffee to welcome BKK winter. Temp@8.00am =20'c

I checked the case. It already repair by weld.

But for inner at o-ring  gutter no good. I need to grinding it.

General checked, I found all o-ring deteriorate.  So I need to chage every o-ring in this carburator.

Wow!! have a nice day,  I just got the Yoshimura ST-1 Camshaft for SRX-3SX including cylinder head.So, I will be fastest.

Please keep an eye on it come to Thailand.

Rapala & Berkley Lure

       Rapala DT-4 lure  Deep 1.2m, I prepare it for catching "ปลากระสูบ"  in Jaopraya River at Angthog city.

       Berkley FAT DOG Deep 0.5 m. It small body than DT-4. I will test it in my holiday.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Primary High Gear Kit

         Faster Primary Gear Ratio kit by Motodog. It can be replaced the original parts without any modification.  The purpose of this kit is to increase the fatser gear ratio by 15% but the engine will be lost the torque. So, this kit requires engine which over 500cc and  higher torque than the standard engine.
Picture : Left is Motodog primary high gear / Right is original primary gear.

Motodog = 74T / 34T
Original = 77T / 30T

        In my opinion , Primary High Gear kit uses same method of  sprocket ratio adjustment. But the sprocket ratio adjustment method can save cost  than changing the primary gear.             

If you interest Primary High Gear Kit please see more detail,
New Kit set price ~ 52,000 yen.



Monday, January 7, 2013

Nojima muffler full system

 The Nojima-Japan full system muffler for SR400/500. Exhaust body made by Standless steel and silencer made from carbon capla.

This is Nojima fit for SR400. This SR owner, He is smart , sport and kindly , Sukumvit 101/1_Thailand. : )

SR500 original kit set 1978

Very beautiful for original Tank and side covers set of SR500 since 1978. It keep in good condition for 35 years ago..

BITO Silencer for SRX Twin

BITO Made Titanium and carbon silencer. It fit for OVER exhaust pipe of SRX-Twin.

Small scrach, no problem for use condition.