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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project SR 534cc => 595cc

 SR 534cc with 90mm wisco piston. So, I call this project "SR-Ducati"


Change to DUCATI Fuel Tank

Dell-Sara and Peyton place Muffler

Bing for 2 stroke and FCR 41

Front and Rear Disk brake

Beringer 4 port caliper brake

OHC oil line

Asashi chian set 520/16-44

For rear brake

Frame slide

Ducati 1000s wheel sets.

Ducati MHR swing arm. It is not input 180/tire. Maybe, use for vintage style.

So, I need TZR250 type 3MA swing arm for my SR. I will get it.

Upgrade performance by Yoshimura TMR40 MJN

New!!. I will upgrade engine to 595cc. High compression piston 95mm by SOHC Engineering.

Not enough for High performance. Heavy weigh fly wheel of OMC will input to my SR engine.

Just got the new rear wheel. It's black Alumenium Rim for Sport1000s.
 My wheel spec are, Fornt 17/3.5 and Rear 17/5.5

And last item I found Brembo caliper. It's removed from Ducati_Paul-Smart.

New received parts update

Paul Smart Rocket Cowl

Sport 1000 Tank

Ducati sport 1000 fiber seat.

I will Try to set all Ducati parts into my SR ,Coming Soon.......

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