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Thursday, October 11, 2012

SRX UnderCowl

      SRX Undercowl It is a rare item in Thailand. I know it made by The Simple Japan but it very high cost to buy it to Thailand. 

      So, I have many many try to find Undercowl  from another bike. That I found it use in TRX850, but it very rare than SRX and more expensive than SRX Undercowl  too.

      I try agian to looking Undercowl  from another bike then I found it.  It set in VT250 , not so bad it very cheap. I will try to get it and try to input to SRX in Thailand.

Please keep eye on the new unseen for SRX-Thailand.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

SRX660 Full Tuning

Yamaha SRX660 Full Tuning

It's auction in JAPAN.  Very beautyful. The strated price is 10,000Yen and End at 580,000Yen.

Modification detail,
 -Engine 660cc by 100mm SOHC Engineering piston.
 -Camshaft byYoshimura ST-2
 -FCR39 Twin
 -Exhaust pipe by NAG titanium
 -Backstep by ISA

 - Headlight CIBIE
 - Instrument by POSE
 - Disk rotor Brembo
 - Sumitomo caliper full set by Yamaha XJR
 - Steering damper by Bore Ace
 - Turn light Ys'gear it's rare.

 - Swing Arm made by Kaman Garage
 - Front Fork with Okamura and Rear suspension PENSKE
 - Front wheel3TJ.3.5J, rear wheelTZ250.5.25J
 - Lucas tail( lamp.LED)
 - The-Simple made carbon Short tail

So, It is The most beautyful and High performance for SRX600!!