2014 Yamaha SR400, the Return of a Legend

Yamaha SR400 Kickstart My life

Monday, April 16, 2012

First of My life

Little Lucky!!, Thanks for my girlfriend for selected it. So, next time we will get the Biggest Jackpot(2 million) 555+ 

Monday, April 9, 2012

SR File-003

 SR500 Cafe Racer of my friend in Carifornia. It's model 1979 type 2J2. 
 Additional detail : Yamaha SR export from Japan 500cc only for EU and US.Rear disk brake input to 1978-1979 model.  And US model have speedometer in M/H.

Modification detail , 
    - Bullet Head light 7"
    - Handle bar by Magura
    - Daytona set for instrument
    - Nitro Head Seat
    - Super Trapp Sylencer
    - Turn light by Daytona

   - Back step used original of SR Asian model.
   - And Rear disk brake is original of US model only.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SR File-002

SR400 model 1JR, Tracker syle.

Another one in Angthong Club. It's smart for Traker.

Some detail,
  - Head light 5.5"
  - Handle bar Daytona black
  - Turn light by Pose
  - Seat Tracker type by Pose

- Super Trapp mufler custom black
- Dunlop K180 tire with rear rim 4.00 

Let's enjoy with your SR, Thank you

Sunday, April 1, 2012

SR File-001

Custom Touring style

  SR400 Year 2003/RHO1J model. Our club is in Angthong city, Thailand.

Some detail for modification,
    - Front guard CB400 Superfour.
    - K&H Seat.
    - Peyton Place muffler BSA Type.
    - KEIHIN CR 35mm Carburator.

    - Front Fender by Peyton Place.
    - WP rear suspension.
    - EXCEL rim H type with Dunlop tt100 tire.
    - Rear carrier, product handmade in Thailand.
 and front disk brake of 2003 model changed to classic biggest front dum brake.

Enjoy with your style , Enjoy with your SR.